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Here Come The Mummies

about hctm

Cursed after deflowering a great Pharaoh’s daughter (or daughters), Here Come The Mummies (HCTM) have been delivering their brand of Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave since the year 2000 AD. While HCTM's lyrics leave little to the imagination, their wraps have been the topic of much speculation. Some say they are reincarnated Grammy winning studio musicians. Theories abound! Regardless, HCTM’s mysterious personas, cunning song-craft, and unrelenting live show will bend your brain, and melt your face. Maybe that’s why the ladies (and some dudes) can’t stop losing their minds over these mayhem-inducing mavens of mirth.

HCTM is:

Mummy Cass - guitar, vocals, luthifer

Eddie Mummy- drums, vocals, beats/ beets

K.W. TuT- bass, spores, vocals

Spaz- keys, arthritis, synth, vocals

The Pole!- bass, period.

Midnight Mummy- bari & tenor sax, keys, percussion, talk box, your mom, vocals

The Flu- alto sax, clarinet, flute, notes of allspice and star anise

Mummy Rah- tenor sax, moves

H.P.O.D. (High Priest of D.E.A.T.H.)- trumpet, deafening squeals

(Dr.) Mummy Yo- bari, tenor, & alto sax, vocals, hangin'

Mummy Highlander- alto & tenor sax, the malocchio